Chorizo Recipes

Chorizo Recipes

Chorizo is a heavily spiced pork sausage originating from the Iberian Peninsula. Predominately found in Spanish and Latin cuisines, chorizo is known for its distinctive smokiness and deep red color. Chorizo sausage can be fresh or smoked, depending on the region in which it is found. In Spain, the sausage is often fermented, cured and smoked and can be sliced and eaten without cooking, while in many Latin-American countries chorizo is a fresh sausage that must be cooked before eating and is often cooked along with other foods.

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About Chorizo:

Spanish chorizo gets its rich, red color from smoked red peppers and Spanish smoked paprika, and is made using white wine, while the many variations of chorizo found in Latin-American cuisine are often made using chili peppers and white vinegar.

The spices used, flavor, and appearance of chorizo varies widely depending on how it is made, but all chorizo possesses a spicy, smoky flavor that is the perfect complement to many Latin-American and Spanish dishes.

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